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-Under development!+==== Prerequisties for CIG 2016 Tutorial ==== 
 +=== Virtualbox === 
 +Please download and install virtualbox *BEFORE* the tutorial. ​ You can download it from [[https://​​wiki/​Downloads|VirtualBox downloads]] 
 +Use [[https://​​manual/​ch02.html|these directions]] to install VirtualBox. 
 +If your host machine is any linux system, both ''​virtualbox''​ and ''​virtualbox-dkms''​ packages must be installed. Also check to make sure you have exFAT filesystem drivers. Windows and Mac systems should have it by default. On Ubuntu, the packages required are ''​exfat-utils''​ and ''​exfat-fuse''​. 
 +We recommended that your computer have at least 20 to 30GB of free disk space and preferably 4GB of RAM. 
 +=== Tutorial Image === 
 +During registration,​ you will receive a 16 GB USB drive with an OVA file called "​CIG16_Tutorial_VM.ova."​ We will use virtual box to boot up a ubuntu 14.04 linux OS. 
 +This image contains the following packages: 
 +  * ASPECT 
 +  * ObsPy 
 +  * Rayleigh 
 +  * SPECFEM3D 
 +  * SW4 
 +  * Underworld 
 +  * HC 
 +Download it onto the laptop you are going to use for the tutorial. 
 +=== Importing the CIG16 tutorial image === 
 +  - Run VirtualBox. 
 +  - Select from the menu "​Import appliance":​ {{:​software:​aspect:​screenshot_from_2015-06-19_19_55_07.png?​nolink|}} 
 +  - Select the downloaded CIG16_tutorialvm.ova:​ {{:​appliances_2_import.png?​nolink|}} 
 +  - Select Next and Import: {{:​CIG_16_download.png?​nolink|}} 
 +  - Click on start (the green arrow) to launch the image: {{:​CIG16-TutorialVM.png?​nolink|}} 
 +=== Using the Image === 
 +The image contains the following users: 
 +  * aspect_user 
 +  * obspy_user 
 +  * rayleigh_user 
 +  * specfem3d_user 
 +  * sw4_user 
 +  * underworld_user 
 +  * hc_user 
 +Note that all of the users listed above are password less. 
 +The super user is cig and the password is cig.  
 +The image does not allow any connections from the network. sudo apt-get install <package name> to install ubuntu packages. 
 +Now simply start the CIG16 virtual machine. 
 +=== Troubleshooting === 
 +  - If too many users are logged in at once, the next time you switch users, a password prompt is requested. However, since no users have any passwords, one would not be able to switch users at this point. 
 +  - At the moment, due to inactivity the system locks. To disable this, go to settings -> brightness and lock -> toggle off the lock and set turn screen if inactive to never.  
 +=== Additional Links and Information ​ === 
 +   - [[ https://​​cig/​static/​CIG16_Tutorial_VM.ova|CIG16 Virtual Machine]]: This VM is over 8GB and will take a long time to download. 
 +   - [[ https://​​cig/​static/​CIDER16_TutorialVM.ova|CIDER Virtual Machine]]: Contains only HC, Underworld, Burnman software packages, as well as software for seismic inversion and plotting.  
 +   - [[ https://​​projects/​seatree/​wiki|SEATREE]]:​ Software package that provides GUI access to multiple solid earth computational tools.
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