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2017 CIG-LLNL Computational Seismology Workshop

ObsPy and InstaSeis Tutorial

Instructions for this tutorial are on github: Link

SPECFEM Tutorial

Instructions for this tutorial are on github: Link

SW4 Tutorial

IRIS Data Brick

Using the IRIS Data Brick at the workshop.

Many of the common FDSN web service clients allow setting the specific service locations. For this workshop the service is at: (IP likely changing each day, updates will be posted) or http://iris-dbserver.local:8080/fdsnws/dataselect/1 (.local not consistently working)

What is on the data brick? Use the ‘summary’ endpoint:

Using with ObsPy

 from obspy.clients.fdsn import Client
 client = Client("IRIS", service_mappings={
      'dataselect': ''})

Using with FetchData

$ FetchData -timeseriesws 
       <data selection options here>


Orientation pdf


Network: LVOC Guest.

Logins are assigned.


  ssh -X -l class22
  ssh -Y -l class22

password is enter your 8 character static PIN plus the six digits on the RSA token with no spaces.


Home directory: /g/g13/{username}

for example: /g/g13/class22

Scratch space directory: /p/lscratchh/{username}

Global read only directories:


Useful Commands

Change directory to scratch space directory:

   cd /p/lscratchh/{username}

We will run on the pReserved partion. Use the flag:

-p pReserved

   srun -N4 -p pReserved myjob
   sbatch -p pReserved jobscript

List all jobs:


List jobs for username:

  squeue -u username

Show all details for a selected job:

  checkjob jobid

Show job partitions:

  sinfo -s

Cancel selected job(s):

  scancel jobid(s)  


To see what is available:

  module avail

To load a package:

  module load packagename

Text editors

  • vi/vim
  • emacs
  • nedit
  • gedit
  • nano
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