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Prerequisties for the CIDER 2015 Aspect Tutorial


Please download and install virtualbox *BEFORE* the tutorial. You can download it from VirtualBox downloads

Use the the directions to install VirtualBox.

Tutorial Image

This VirtualBox Image is 2.4GB. Download it onto the laptop you are going to use for the tutorial.

Importing the CIDER tutorial image

  1. Install VirtualBox, download virtualbox (URL above) and follow the directions
  2. Run VirtualBox.
  3. Select from the menu “Import appliance”:
  4. Select the downloaded cider.ova image:
  5. Select Next and Import:
  6. Click on start to launch the image:

Using the Image

The image should autologin, but if needed the username is cig and the password is cig. The image does not allow any connections from the network. Sudo should work without asking for a password if you need to install anything.

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