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Development Plans


2018 CGU ASPECT Tutorial

CGU 2018

The link above contains the downloadable virtual machine, installation instructions and slides for the CGU 2018 Introduction to modeling lithospheric dynamics tutorial. Please download all required software and review all instructions before arriving at the tutorial.

2016 CIG16 ASPECT Tutorial

2015 Geodynamics and ASPECT

2015 Fall Geodynamics and ASPECT

Instructors: Prof. Sarah Stamps and Prof. Scott King, Virginia Tech

Class Project Presentations

Final Class Webinar

CIDER 2015

CIDER 2015

The virtual machine for the CIDER 2015 Summer Program can be downloaded from the link above. Please review all instructions before beginning. The image is 2.4 GB and takes approximately 18 min to download on a high speed connection. We recommend downloading this image before arrival.

This image contains the following packages:

  • Visco2D
  • GMT
  • Paraview

Instructions: CIDER 2015


CIDER 2014

CIDER 2015

CIDER 2015

Rayleigh Nusselt Number Animations (courtesy of Laurent Montesi)




Convection in a spherical shell, mimicking convection in the Earth mantle.( )

Convection in a box with heated bottom and cooled top. ( )

Running ASPECT


Webinar: Aspect Science Highlights, April 10, 2014 Recording


Docker. See 2. Installation in the ASPECT Manual

Jupyter. Beta tutorial notebook can be found here:

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