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Additional Examples

Examples not included in manual. Most of these are too big to be included in the manual.

Volcano with dike and magma chamber

This is a simple demonstration of a problem involving volcanic deformation. The demo includes files for creating the mesh using Trelis/CUBIT along with .cfg files and the necessary spatial databases to run a problem. The problem includes coarse topography of Mt. Ruapehu volcano, a vertical dike, and a spherical magma chamber.

Updated 2018-12-18 to fix a topology issue associated with smoothing the mesh that resulted in NaN residual norm when running PyLith. Also updated the field split solver settings in pylithapp.cfg for PyLith v2.2.1.

Missing file for examples/meshing/cubit_cellsize

File 'matprops.spatialdb' is missing from directory examples/meshing/cubit_cellsize in v2.0.1 and earlier.

  cd examples/meshing/cubit_cellsize
  tar -zxvf cubit_cellsize_missing.tgz

Files for debugging example

Recommend extracting tarball in examples directory.

  cd examples
  tar -zxvf debugging.tgz
  cd debugging

Missing files for examples/3d/hex8

Recommend extracting tarball in examples/3d/hex8 directory.

  cd examples/3d/hex8
  tar -zxvf hex8-missing-files.tgz

Additional example on meshing based on sizing function - single surface, with info added in matlab instead of python

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