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These pages show the results of performance tests for different dynamo codes on the TACC XSEDE Stampede system.

To clarify terminology, here are some definitions of terms used in the measurements:

  • Node: On Stampede, each node contains 2 Xeon E5-2680 processors, each with 8 cores, for a total of 16 cores per node. Each node also has 32GB 8x4G 4 channels DDR3-1600MHz of memory,
  • Core: A single core in a processor.
  • MPI processes:
  • Thread: An OpenMP thread. Unless otherwise specified processor thread affinity is not enabled.
  • SU: Service unit, a unit of usage accounting equal to #cores x #hours. Usage is billed by the node, so using 8 of 16 cores in a node for 1 hour will be recorded as 16 SUs rather than 8 SUs.

All timings are measured in terms of wall time unless otherwise specified. They are measured using MPI_Wtime() (If program does not use MPI, system_clock(itime, irate, imax) is used). The time for one step is determined by taking the mean of the elapsed time for 100 time steps.

* Calypso Ver.1.1
Status: Done

* Calypso latest Ver.
Status: Two cases are missing

Status: Done

ETH code
Status: Having a problem generating initial field. Request is pending to authors.

SPmodel(GFD-dennou code by Takehiro et al.)
Status: Strong scaling is done. Discussing with authors

Goddard code
Status: Routine has been written to generate initial field of multiple resolutions. Tests are underway. Request pending for how to deal with $dt$ adjustment.
Test again with different resolutions from better scaling.

Status: Done

Parody(IPGP JHU code)
Status: Done

LSD (Leeds code)
Status: Done

MagIC (by J. Wicht)
* MagIC3
Status: Done

* MagIC5
Status: Now testing.

SFEMANS (not finished)
Status: Strong scaling is done. Discussing with authors for warnings and changing resolutions

Status: Received new version. Now testing.

* UCSC-Glatzmaier code
Status: Strong scaling is done.

* UCSC-Glatzmaier code R3-p4
Status: Compiled.

Status: Done.

Status: Done.

Status: Report was sent to authors.

Comparison among codes

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